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2 and the moon 


this is not* a psychedelic thing

  1. Weigh 1.852 g NH4F and add it to 100 mL of water. Add 20.50 g (22.78 mL) ammonium hydroxide solution. Store this in a bottle so you can reuse it later. This is the “ammonium fluoride/ammonium hydroxide stock solution”. If you already have stock solution prepared you can skip down to step 2.
  2. Mix 4.7 g (5.0 mL) TEOS and 8.68 g (11.0 mL) ethanol in a beaker. This is the “alkoxide solution”.
  3. Mix 7.0 g (7.0 mL) water and 8.68 g (11.0 mL) ethanol in another beaker. Add 0.364 g (0.371 mL, ~8-10 drops from a disposable pipette) of ammonium fluoride/ammonium hydroxide stock solution. This mixture is the “catalyst solution”.
  4. Pour the catalyst solution into the alkoxide solution and stir. This is the “sol”.
  5. Pour the sol into molds and allow gel to form. Gel time is approximately 8-15 min.

6. realize beauty