hate to say I told you so



at long last await

I am moving to NYC today, on the real though Detroit is a crazy city that I am glad to be leaving. I been hanging around for the past two months or so and seen some odd stuff. Enough said. 


September brings corn and sunflowers, the two most beautiful things in my life at the moment. 


it's not going to be so bad

Pfff ... Natural Disaster,! Who cares when you have stuff like this floating around. Watching and reading more and more about Hurricane Gustav and its devastating toll got me to thinking about the apocalypse and the 1995 film water world. Luckily my thoughts of the end where put to ease when I found this Floating House (la maison flottante) designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec - (french born designers) and was actually built in 2006 in collaboration with architects Jean-Marie Finot and Denis Daversin. Not only was this house boat conceived but is lived in by resident artist and writers. This is just the type of digs, I could make some serious life changing work in. The landscape is always changing and you could grow all your fruits and vegetables on the boat. Very very sustainable, very very chic. - photos from www.bouroullec.com 



my parents garden in michigan
Just at the beginning and Recent pictures
we grow vegetables fruits and herbs



making work/working hard

Pictures of the Letter Press studio at The School of the Art Institute Chicago
- Where I was working as a teachers assistant for a graduate summer class, and also making my own work for the month of July
Working in the type shop daily, operating presses and working so closely with typography has greatly impacted my ideas about the kind of work that I want to create and what I value as an artist. I have experienced  how fluid living life and making art can be, which for me currently is a great  achievement. 


Last Show

my card for the event

AVOID    ABSENCE    RELEASE three hand made books 


old photos

  Michigan 1999, my high school